Today’s seniors and their families are more demanding than ever. Future customers, the Baby Boomer population, do not identify with being the next generation of “seniors.” The idea of retiring, checking out, and unplugging is not their idea of a good life. Spending their days in a secluded community surrounded by people they don’t know isn’t what they’ve worked for.

This generation is looking for something more. They are looking for opportunities to give back, to pursue unfulfilled dreams, to stay engaged with the communities they love. Sure, they may need a different solution than their two-story home in the suburbs, but the retirement community on the corner of Lonely and Secluded isn’t what they want.

What This Means

If you’re an investor or an operator providing care and housing for seniors and you want to experience success in the foreseeable future, you may need to adjust your game plan. We can no longer do things “as they’ve always been done.” Progressive thinking is needed because the rule book is changing.

Your target market is shifting, evolving, and living more active lives.