Chuck Herman, CEO of Charles Herman Consulting, LLC

Chuck Herman | CEO

Chuck Herman is the founder and CEO of Charles Herman Consulting. Chuck’s career has centered around helping companies achieve success in the healthcare and seniors housing market. His expertise is broad and encompasses real estate, capital formation, and the public markets.

Chuck has a longstanding reputation as an industry leader who is a persuasive communicator and skillful negotiator. He approaches all projects with a positive attitude, a sense of urgency, and an uncompromising commitment to integrity.


With an exceptionally analytical background, Chuck offers unique insight in this space. Not only does he understand the technical aspects of the industry and investment opportunities, he skillfully interprets demographics and can accurately rate the operating margins of a business.

Combined with his extensive industry experience, Chuck can help you analyze business opportunities objectively and from several perspectives.

Chuck actively serves in an advisory compacity and provides strategic consulting services to those looking to strengthen their involvement in the seniors housing and healthcare real estate markets.


For more than 25 years, Chuck has focused on expanding housing and care options for seniors. Before starting CHC, Chuck served as the President and Executive Vice President of seniors housing and post-acute care for Health Care REIT (NYSE: HCN).

While at Health Care REIT, Chuck initiated business-critical initiatives including managing key client relationships, developing new business relationships to drive growth, and evaluating investment opportunities. He was also a leading advocate of the advancement of the industry and represented Health Care REIT at key industry associations.

Throughout his tenure and leadership, Health Care REIT went from being a $1 billion to over a $30 billion company. They were able to develop and execute key strategies to attract and manage their client base and successfully invest in an evolving market. Through Chuck’s initiatives, he and his team were able to improve Health Care REIT’s domestic and international profile by expanding into Canada and the United Kingdom.

Because of his extensive asset management experience, Chuck managed the workout of underperforming assets and helped reposition projects for a successful exit. His valuation and finance background was instrumental in helping Health Care REIT make sound business decisions.

Board Governance

As a seasoned board member, Chuck offers practical and theoretical experience. He firmly believes that successful board governance is about accountability, objectivity, and discipline.

Chuck has helped build businesses, has invested billions of dollars in capital in these sectors, and has also played a significant role in directing decisions. He is enthusiastically committed to helping operators and investors pursue the best opportunities for success.

Chuck can offer independent, objective advice backed by industry experience. To refine his skills as a board member, Chuck is active in National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD).

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